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Assisting Credit Managers with Astute Credit Management Services

Credit managers often adopt a negative approach when faced with the failure of a customer. It’s true that, when insolvency hits, debts are rarely paid in full. Dividends in liquidations and bankruptcies are notoriously low, with unsecured creditors at the back of what could be a very long queue. However, our credit management assistance is designed to help.

It’s Not a Lost Cause

At Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery, we believe that returns can be enhanced when creditors take a pro-active stance. Our service, which is normally free of charge, lifts much of the administrative burden of insolvency procedures while ensuring that claims are lodged promptly.

Taking Care of Everything

Where appropriate, we will attend creditors meetings and represent you on creditor committees. We will establish, at an early stage, what the dividend prospects are before providing a reporting system tailored to your requirements – all with a view to minimising your burden and involvement.

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