Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery

Clear, Professional Advice When You Need it

Independent Financial Advice for Lenders

When your customers are giving you cause for concern, don’t hesitate to speak with the friendly team at Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery. Our independent financial advice encapsulates lender advice, meaning we’re well-placed to help you review your options and protect your position – whether that’s with guidance through temporary cash-flow problems, refinancing, or asserting your security.

Proven Professionals

Our team is highly experienced in working with distressed businesses to achieve the best possible results. Saving your business is always our first aim. We start by ensuring that we understand the reasons for your difficulties, and seek to address them promptly and professionally. Our independent solvency and business reviews are valuable tools when developing the strategies needed to take a business forward.

Receive the Best Result

Even in cases where financial problems are insuperable and recovery is not viable, our team will find the most suitable solution for you. Working tirelessly, we will achieve the best possible outcome while minimising your exposure.

Practical Assistance

At Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery, we recognise it is not always easy to persuade the directors of  the need for independent professional advice. We will work with you to try to convince them that our involvement is beneficial. However, where there is conflict, our advice will always be realistic and focussed on your needs.

Contact us today for independent financial advice, including specialised lender advice.