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Dependable Financial Services for Professionals

At Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery, we recognise that your understanding of your client, accumulated over time, surpassed what we can gain in a shorter period. That’s why our professional finance services are designed to work closely with you – ensuring your client remains your client long into the future. We hope to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Specialised Assistance

Business recovery and insolvency are specialised areas. Ensuring the optimal outcome means that you need to be sure you understand all the available options. The sooner we’re involved, the greater chance you have of saving the business.

A Proven Process

We’ll start by ensuring that we understand the reasons for the difficulties as we seek to address them. We’ll work with your client and you to manage the cash and working capital, and deal with the needs of key stakeholders such as bankers and major creditors. Then, we’ll work with your client and you to identify and address the causes of under-performance before developing a strategy to bring about improvement.

Taking Care of Everything

When necessary, we can use formal insolvency procedures, such as administration or a company voluntary arrangement, to provide protection from creditors and negotiate legally-binding compromises.

Deploying Suitable Solutions

Even where financial problems are insuperable and recovery is not viable, we’ll find the most suitable solution to provide the best outcome for everyone concerned while maximising the outcome for creditors and minimising the exposure of guarantors. In some circumstances, it may even be possible for the existing management to be involved with the business in the future.

Liquidation Services

Our team is equipped to help where a members’ voluntary liquidation, or solvent liquidation, is required. This may include situations where:

  • Shareholders Wish to Unlock Their Capital
  • A Subsidiary within a Group Has Outlived its Usefulness and Needs to be Closed Down
  • There’s a Need for a Reconstruction in Preparation for a Sale or for Tax Planning Purposes

Standing by to Help

Experienced and professional, our team can manage cases both large and small, no matter the complexity. Taking a realistic, commercial approach, we’re sure to provide the assistance you require.

Contact us today for details about the professional finance services we diligently provide.