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The Team

Graham Down MIPA, MABRP, Director

Graham trained as a chartered accountant with the family firm in South Wales. At an early stage, he concluded that the tedium of auditing was something he could manage without, preferring instead the nail-biting excitement of the more unpredictable world of insolvency.

Once a reasonably decent middle distance athlete, Graham now enjoys his sport - as his waistline testifies - from the comfort of an armchair; except, that is, for the rare occasions when he irritates greenkeepers by ploughing up their beautifully manicured fairways. He enjoys hill and coastal walking, and dreams of the day when he will be able to buy one of those boats that he sees being built at Poole Quay.

Paul Harding

Paul obtained his licence as an insolvency practitioner in 1987. Over the last 25 years, he has been invited to become a partner in a mid-tier firm and then joined a “big 4” firm where he worked for over 12 years before realising he wanted to return to the “real commercial world”.

Paul has always enjoyed both the city and country life, with all that it brings, participating in country sports and overseas skiing trips. More recently, he has found horses and skis too dangerous and is settling for good food and fine wine - but at the same time, returning on regular basis to Southern Africa where the bush and veldt provide sufficient excitement and uncertainty to keep him on his toes.

Michelle Breslin, Associate

After leaving the BBC, Michelle eventually discovered insolvency, working for two “Big 4” firms and another national practice before joining Graham in 2003. She sat and passed her exams to qualify as an insolvency practitioner in 2006.

In her spare time - aside from being a taxi-driver for her daughter - Michelle enjoys fine food and wine, and adding shoes to her collection. Her dream is to be the liquidator of an up-market shoe shop! Being a city girl, she enjoys city breaks and is fortunate that her twin brother lives in Manhattan – where there are shoe shops aplenty.

Penny Harding, Senior Administer

Penny has become a specialist in personal insolvency, and is responsible for the IVA unit in Bristol. She also assists with the administration of company insolvencies. Penny has passed her exams and received her certificate of proficiency in insolvency exam in 2010.

Outside work, Penny enjoys motorsport, days out in her husband’s Westfield sports car, and trying to become a gardener!

Ian Stewart, Manager

Not only has Ian liquidated companies, but he has been involved in some major turnaround assignments. One of these was to be seconded to industry for almost two years, firstly advising on a management buy-out and then implementing financial and commercial controls. However, he missed the thrust and variety of insolvency and corporate recovery and returned to the profession. In addition to the above, Ian spent almost two years with the insolvency service based in an official receiver’s office; the insight of which has proven to be invaluable. Latterly, Ian had been investigating several large worldwide fraud cases which should result in substantial returns to creditors. Ian joined Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery in August 2010 as a manager. His social activities include playing golf and entertaining. He is a keen gardener and his recent project, which took three years, was to fully landscape his garden from what was a weed-ridden field.

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